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barred owl winter web

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Prince Edward Island was once home to ancient Buy Lorazepam Online Canada and Buy Phentermine Germany trees shading deep freshwater streams flowing to the sea.  Though Buy Soma In The Usa no longer ramble through our woodlands, there still are stunning examples of native forests in pockets across the province.

Healthy Buy Valium Tablets Online are profoundly diverse and unique ecosystems, with tree species that can live up to 450 years.  They are rich in wildlife, from Buy Phentermine Nz.  These forests clean air and water, store carbon, provide excellent wildlife habitat and offer a myriad of recreational opportunities. 

The World Wildlife Fund lists the Acadian Forest as one of six endangered forest habitats in North America.

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Join us and be part of something big!

In an effort to improve the health of our forests and create a model for environmental stewardship, Macphail Woods is launching the Restore an Acre initiative. 

All donations will be used in the restoration of a Buy Klonopin 1/2 in Valley, part of the Get Ambien Prescription we are managing for the provincial government. 

  • Sponsor your own acre and show your personal support for the forest
  • Adopt an acre in memory of a loved one
  • Your whole family can help to restore an acre together
  • Businesses can sponsor an acre or award one as a gift to a special customer or employee.
  • Schools, classes, and community groups can fundraise to restore an acre together.

You can mail a cheque (payable to Macphail Woods) to Gary Schneider, Box 11, Belfast, PEI C0A 1A0, or Generic Ambien Vs Brand Name

Buy Ambien In Thailand
wood frog restore selkirk cropped

Hemlock trunk

How you can help

While much of the forest has been degraded over the past two hundred years, your generous donation, will enable us to:

  • Identify and protect vulnerable natural areas
  • Restore seed sources and other natural processes
  • Improve access and educational opportunities
  • Create small openings for plantings of native species
  • Demonstrate sustainable forest management
  • Prune trees as needed to improve health and value
  • Remove invasive species

With your Zolpidem Order Lorazepam, you will receive:

  • A charitable tax receipt
  • A certificate recognizing your contribution
  • Access to our quarterly E-newsletter with information on all Macphail Woods events, including updates and photos of the work being done with your support.
  • An invitation to one of two guided walks on the property.(May 2nd or Oct 3rd)

Best of all, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to protect this extraordinary forest habitat now and for future generations.

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Buy Valium Safely Online is a registered charity dedicated to increasing charitable giving across Canada. We do that by serving both donors and charities.CanadaHelps is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as CANADAHELPS CANADON, BN: 896568417RR0001

posticon owl

Since Macphail Woods began in 1991, the project has had an enormous environmental impact that has been both positive and far reaching. With over 20 years of experience restoring Island forests, we know what forest practices work and where best to put our effort.  We work with nature as much as possible and try to use processes and plants appropriate to each site. Buy Phentermine Online Amazon

The Selkirk Road Public Forest

Order Phentermine Pills OnlineLike most woodlands in Prince Edward Island, the Buy Alprazolam reflects its cultural history. Part of the property was once farmed and has grown up in white spruce, other areas were never cleared and still contain beautiful large Buy Xanax Press and Buy Lorazepam Online Canada. These huge trees provide homes for Buy Cheap Lorazepam Online Uk and the Buy Valium Singapore. Along the stream running through the woodland, you can find three species of rare native plants – Cheap Xanax Overnight Delivery, Buy Roche Klonopin and Buy Clonazepam Online Australia. And in the spring the vernal pools are home to pickerel frogs and newts. The size of this woodland is important, as it is becoming increasingly rare within the province to find large blocks of forest.

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2000 Acres

Buy Real Valium Online UkOn December 13, 2005, Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry Jamie Ballem announced that the Province has reached an agreement with the Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island to manage Buy Carisoprodol India (PFL) in southeastern PEI. Under the 10-year renewable lease agreement, the Buy Soma Us To Us in Orwell will use the lands to demonstrate sustainable forest management and restoration of our native Acadian woodlands.

The goal of this restoration work is to return these woodlands to high-value, long-lived native trees such as red oak, yellow birch, sugar maple, white ash, white pine, hemlock and red spruce – species that grow so well in our climate. The forest plantings will also allow us to increase populations of our rarest species – everything from round-leaf dogwood and yellow violet to ironwood and male fern.  Over time, we will convert areas with low biodiversity into high-value forests with increased species richness and improved wildlife habitat.

Join us in bringing back healthy forests.

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Buy Lorazepam India

Your generous contributions are helping to restore over 98 acres of public land.

chickadee tall

Centre for Veterinary Epidemiological Research – 6 acres
Meinhard Doelle – 5 acres
Bryson Guptill – 1 acre – In honour of David Guptill, Beth Guptill & Joni Guptill
Peter Rukavina – 1 acre – In honour of Alex B. Campbell
Tom Lees – 1 acre
Alan McRae – 1 acre – In honour of John K. McRae
Marilyn Sparling – 1 acre – In honour of her children
“Wonderful project!…I love woods and forests and spend way too little time in one! Good Work! I am pleased with the opportunity to support this project.”
Carolyn Peach Brown – 1 acre – In honour of Douglas Brown
John Arsenault – 1 acre – In honour of Joe & Marina Muise
Gaie Orton – 1 acre – In honour of Dorothy Orton
Cathy Wilkinson – 1 acre
Thea Campbell – 1 acre – In honour of Scott, Colleen, Sophia & Beckett Campbell + Randy Campbell & Megan Burnside
“Thanks for regenerating our forests!”
Robert & Marsha Mann – 1 acre
“Keep up the good work !!!”
Mary Robinson – 1 acre
Robert Litke – 1 acre
Suzanne Copan & Jim Gormley – 1 acre
“Congratulations on a great project.”
Ruth DeLong & June Sanderson – 1 acre
Rob Sharkie – 1 acre
Boyd Allen – 1 acre
“This is our family’s Christmas present to ourselves. Every acre is a worthwhile step forward.”
Liz Townsend & Harry Robertson – 2 acre – In honour of the Townsends & Robertsons
Beth Hoar – 1 acre – In honour of Donna Sears
Anonymous – 1 acre
Darren Kenny – 1 acre – In honour of the Sharkie Family – Rob, Sherri & Maeryn
Colleen Easter – 1 acre – In honour of Charles Easter
Kent Sheen – 1 acre – On Behalf of the Holland College Industrial Technology and Trades Staff
Susan Norton – 1 acre – In honour of David Scales
Gordie Noye – 2 acres
Maxwell Newby – 1 acre
Michael Arfken – 1 acre – In honour of Corbitt, Scarlett and UPEI Ecopsychology 2014
Lou Richard – 1 acre
Scott Sinclair – 1 acre – For Kathie MacPhee and Deborah Sinclair
Ruth Richman – 1 acre
Ryan & Shauna Reddin – 1 acre – For Ryan, Shauna, Anna & Bronwen
John Burcombe – 1 acre
Gary Schneider – 1 acre – On behalf of Megan Poole
Grant Honeyman & Stephen Yarrow – 1 acre – In memory of Isabel “Belle” Honeyman and Arthur Yarrow
Donald Cameron – 1 acre
Alexander Anderson & Hope Sollows – 1 acre
Marion Copleston and Tony Reddin – 1 acre – A gift for Lindsey and Andy Reddin
Staff of PEI Family Violence Prevention Services – 1 acre
Ann Wheatley & Pierre-Yves Daoust – 1 acre
Sir Andrew Macphail Foundation Board and friends – 1 acre – On behalf of Doreen Huestis, Beth Hoar, Harry Baglole, Brian Grimmelt, John DeMarsh, Mary MacQueen Elliot & Melissa Mullen
Gerard Clarkes – 1 acre – On behalf of Henry John Clarkes McRae
Shelley MacEwen – 1 acre
Staff of Stewart McKelvey Lawyers – 2 acres
Allan Rogerson’s Grade Seven Class, East Wiltshire School with a contribution from a parent in memory of a loved one – 2 acres
Mt. Buchanan – Point Prim Women’s Institute – 1 acre
Lou Richard – 1 acre
Brenda Watts – 1 acre
“I have a vested interest in the forests of PEI, I make my living using the wood species that are becoming harder to find here. I applaud your efforts and I know that your work would be important to each and every person who purchases items made in my shop.”
Mitchell O’Brien – 1 acre – In honour of Steven Leslie O’Brien
Peter and Melissa Hooley – 1 acre
“Good luck! Have fun restoring this beautiful lot! Thanks for all the hard work!”
Sarah Margaret McPike – 1 acre – From Margaret McPike, Craig Jones, Erin Bateman and Dave Atkinson.
Michael Currie – 1 acre – In honour of Donald Currie
Don Mazer – 1 acre – On behalf of the Mazer Family
Brenda Watts – 1 acre
“Another acre on behalf of my shop and customers who love and appreciate wood as much as I do. Thank you for the opportunity to help with your wonderful work”
Salesforce Foundation – 3 acres – Donation match recommended by Salesforce employee Gordie Noye
Hannah and Adam Murray, Noah Opps, Sam and Molly Rainnie, Willie O’Grady and Daniel Ross – 1 acre – We are all participants in the Macphail Woods Sharing a Love of Nature camps
Jennifer Pitre – 1 acre
Jill MacCormack, Janice McGuigan, Jonathon McGuigian, Julie Love and Janeen McGuigan – 1 acre
David MacPherson – 1 acre – In memory of Mark MacPherson, an avid nature lover and lover of life in general.
Brenda Watts – 2 acres – On behalf of Etsy Canada and the wonderful participants in a Spoon Carving Workshop I held at my wood studio during Etsy Maker Cities that was held on PEI this summer.
Pat Honeyman – 1 acre – In memory of Belle Honeyman and baby “Morna”.
Adam Sandler – 1 acre
Leslee Sack – 1 acre
Robert Vollett – 1 acre
Liz Dacombe – 1 acre

Restore an Acre Supporters

A huge thank you to all who donated towards our restoration work. Your generous contributions are helping to restore over 3 acres of public land.

Aline Reid
Richard Chapman
in memory of Angus MacLean
Chris Collier
“Good luck on this project! I’m sure you will do a fantastic job with this land!”
Bryson Guptill
In honour Laura Newton and Erica Newton
Greg Pearce
In honour of Suzanne Copan & Jim Gormley
Sabine Manchester

Species found on this property


  • white spruce
  • black spruce
  • red spruce
  • balsam fir
  • silver fir
  • Nordmann fir
  • white pine
  • red pine
  • Scots pine
  • eastern hemlock
  • eastern larch
  • sugar maple
  • red maple
  • striped maple
  • black ash
  • large-tooth aspen
  • trembling aspen
  • white birch
  • grey birch
  • yellow birch
  • American beech
  • wild apple (spp.)

  • starflower
  • heal-all
  • raspberry
  • wild sarsaparilla
  • wild strawberry
  • goldenrod (spp.)
  • wood sorrel
  • whorled wood aster
  • wild lily of the valley
  • pinesap
  • Indian pipe
  • common speedwell
  • hawkweed (spp.)
  • creeping buttercup
  • bluebead lily
  • bunchberry
  • woodrush
  • painted trillium
  • fireweed
  • prince’s pine
  • common lady’s slipper
  • twinflower
Wildflowers cont..

  • wild cucumber
  • goldthread
  • beechdrops
  • hairy sweet cicely
  • sedges (spp.)
  • helleborine
  • one-sided shinleaf

Fungi, mosses & lichens

  • old man’s beard
  • red stem moss
  • pillow moss
  • common hair-cap moss
  • running clubmoss
  • bristly clubmoss
  • ground pine
  • lung lichen
  • polypores
  • puffball (spp.)
  • chaterelle mushrooms

  • American mountain ash
  • European mountain ash
  • highbush cranberry
  • hobblebush
  • alternate-leaf dogwood
  • red-berried elder
  • mountain maple
  • wild raisin
  • pin cherry
  • witch hazel
  • beaked hazelnut
  • serviceberry
  • speckled alder
  • ground hemlock

  • bracken fern
  • beech fern
  • cinnamon fern
  • crested wood fern
  • Christmas fern
  • hay-scented fern
  • interrupted fern
  • marsh fern
  • New York fern
  • oak fern
  • ostrich fern
  • royal fern
  • wood ferns

  • black-capped chickadee
  • golden-crowned kinglet
  • American robin
  • blue jay
  • American goldfinch
  • solitary vireo
  • red-eye vireo
  • hermit thrush
  • red-breasted nuthatch
  • pine grosbeak
  • ruffed grouse
  • northern flicker
  • downy woodpecker
  • hairy woodpecker
  • yellow-bellied sapsucker
  • pileated woodpecker
  • barred owl
  • northern goshawk
  • northern raven
  • red squirrel
  • red fox
  • eastern coyote
  • snowshoe hare
  • raccoon
  • deer mice
  • American toad
  • yellow-spotted salamander
  • pickerel frog
  • red-back salamander
  • red-spotted newt
  • wood frog

Bird species found during Cheap Ambient Synth

  • Black-throated blue warbler
  • Swainson’s thrush
  • Black-throated green warbler
  • Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
  • magnolia warbler
  • winter wren
  • blackburnian warbler
  • Common yellowthroat

Bird species found by volunteer Lucas MacCormack

  • Brown Creeper