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The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry project offers a wide range of services to help restore habitats across the Island. Although as a non-profit organization we often focus on the restoration and conservation of our Acadian Forests, Macphail Woods sees the need to bridge the gap between protection and use. Through our work, we demonstrate that the forest can still be used as a resource all while improving its biodiversity, quality of life and the vitality of the ecosystem.

If you would like to hire us or have a question please contact us:
Project Coordinator: Gary Schneider
Phone: (902)651-2575
Location: Orwell, Prince Edward Island, Canada – Click here to see a Google Map


Native plant nursery

We operate a Native plant nursery which focuses on native trees, shrubs, ferns and wildflowers, which is open to the public. Native plants act as great additions around homes or in the woods.

kids camp services

Childrens’ nature camps

In our Sharing a love of Nature camp, kids get a chance to explore the Macphail woods property though hikes, games and crafts.

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Forest restoration & stewardship

If you own a woodlot, and would like to know more about its current condition or recommendations on how to proceed with making it a healthier eco-system, then we can help.

Landscaping and native plantings

We offer landscaping services using our own native plants; ranging from urban plantings, to schoolground naturalization to forest restoration.

School visits

A classroom visit from a Macphail woods instructor is a fun way to introduce many scientific concepts using local flora and fauna. Studying the incredibly diverse Acadian forest lets kids revisit their discoveries any day of the week.

management plan service

Management plans

We will walk your woods and establish a management plan which both assesses your woods currently, as well as plans for the future health, vitality, and prosperity of your forest.

harvesting service

Sustainable harvesting

We can do cuttings as well as restoration plantings in your woods, establishing more native seed sources, rare plants, and high-value species.


Tours & walks

A guided walk through the beautiful Macphail woods whether for an Elderhostel or a school visit is a wonderful way to learn about our Island ecology.

trail service

Trail making

We also offer forest services, such as restoration plantings, management plans, trail making, and harvesting.

upei service

UPEI ecological forestry course

A week-long experiential learning course that lets you manage your own parcel of forest, while learning the principles of restoration forestry in the Acadian forest.


Free workshops

We offer all kinds of workshops and seminars on Island Nature, from identification walks, to bird talks, to UPEI courses to our yearly Children’s camps.

If you have questions about what we do, and how we can help you, please contact Gary Schneider by phone: (902)651-2575 or by email:

If you would like to comment on or assist with the website, please contact Daniel McRae by email: