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The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project is an initiative of the Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island that has been helping Islanders discover the importance of forests by setting an example of stewardship and sustainability for over 20 years.

With our assistance, tens of thousands of native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and ferns have left our nursery and been planted across the Island, restoring lost seed sources, improving diversity and creating homes for wildlife. We’ve started restoring hundreds of acres of forest and our educational activities continue to grow in popularity. More than ever, people appreciate the beauty that is around us and the potential of our woodlands to provide wildlife habitat, places of recreation and a wide variety of natural products.

Careful financial management has allowed us to accomplish a great deal on a small budget. Your support will make a difference. Our children’s program is overflowing and requires better equipment, everything from bird books to microscopes. The native plant nursery continues to collect and propagate some of the rarest plants in the province, and is an integral part of our teaching efforts. The 2,000 acres of public forest land we manage for the province is becoming an increasingly important component of our restoration work.

Macphail Woods is a unique project. If you have enjoyed our owl prowls or plant walks, if your children have been inspired by our summer programs or school plantings, or if you just want to help us steward the public forest land, please consider making a donation of money, your time, or one of these items.