Macphail Woods Website and EcoAction Plantings!

The website of the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project has a brand new look, making it easier for the public to learn about all things related to healthy forests.  With help from Environment Canada’s EcoAction Fund (, the site contains increased content on riparian zones, wildlife enhancement, forest restoration, schoolyard naturalization and native plants.

“Daniel McRae has done a great job creating the site, building on the existing Macphail Woods information while making it a lot more attractive and user friendly,” said Project Manager Gary Schneider.  “There are pages on everything from propagating native shrubs to the management plans we have completed for public forest land, plus gorgeous photos to illustrate everything.”

On the Macphail Woods site (, you can order plants, check out the extensive calendar of events, or register for one of the eight nature camps.  You’ll also find information on tree and shrub identification and how to start a native plant nursery.

The website also highlights our watershed restoration plantings carried out with the support of Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Fund and the provincial Greening Spaces program.  The plantings started in the fall of 2012, and this year the Macphail Woods project will be working with the staff and volunteers of established watershed groups to carry out plantings in twenty riparian zones across Prince Edward Island as well as holding community meetings on watershed enhancement. The workshops, meetings and hands-on planting events ensure that there is a transfer of knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including plant selection and location, proper planting and pruning of young plants, improving wildlife habitat, and the value of healthy riparian areas in alleviating overland flow of contaminants.

The new site built on the extensive web site created by Chris Martin, with design help from Scott Gallant at Blue Tree Media (  Graphic Designer Jeff Alward ( created the beautiful new logo for Macphail Woods.  Over the next year, we will continue adding information and photographs to the site that will enable the public to be better informed as to the value of forests and how they can play a role in improving biodiversity and forest health.