Creating and Maintaining Hedgerows and Windbreaks

May 25, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Macphail Woods Nature Centre
Gary Schneider

Hedgerows are an important part of today’s Island landscape – providing a long list of benefits for humans and wildlife. They protect us from the wind, help slow soil erosion, and create privacy for our homes. They also provide food, homes and protection for everything from flickers to flying squirrels. On Saturday, May 25th, there will be a free workshop on Planning and Planting Hedgerows and Windbreaks at the Macphail Woods Nature Centre in Orwell at 10am.

Participants will learn about assessing site conditions and planning the planting. There are many native plants that can be hedged, including cedar and hemlock in the right conditions. And the list of plants that readily adapt to windbreaks include trees such as white spruce and red oak and shrubs such as chokecherry and willow. Windbreaks can be hedges or full-sized trees, a single row or two or three rows, just trees or a mix of trees and shrubs.

There will also be a discussion on identifying native plants, when they bloom, what types of wildlife will make use of them, and their fall colours.

After selecting the right plants, proper planting and maintenance techniques are very important and will be discussed. This will include timing of the planting, watering, mulching and pruning.

This workshop will be an excellent opportunity to learn about hedgerows and windbreaks. No registration is necessary. Participants are advised to bring good walking shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather conditions, as there will be an outside component to the talk. For more information, call 651-2575, check out our web site ( or visit us on Facebook.

Over the years, hundreds of people have taken part in the plant workshops at Macphail Woods and become more observant of the natural world around them. This event is just one of the many nature and forestrelated walks and workshops sponsored by the Environmental Coalition of PEI throughout the year.