Gairloch: PFL #326405, 326694, 326413 & 492736

restore an acre small 2In an effort to improve the health of our forests and create a model for environmental stewardship, Macphail Woods is launching the Restore an Acre initiative. All donations will be used in the restoration of a 220-acre Public Forest on the Selkirk Road (Route #23) in Valley, part of the 2,000 acres we are managing for the provincial government.


Ecological Management Plan

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The Gairloch properties are provincially owned forest properties that lie in eastern Prince Edward Island. They are included in several properties currently under management by the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project in Orwell, PEI. This management partnership was developed in 2005 through an agreement with the provincial government for a ten-year renewable lease of 800 hectares of public land in eastern PEI to be used to demonstrate forest management that exhibits environmental, social, and economic responsibility; it will also demonstrate the restoration of PEI’s native Acadian woodlands. The Gairloch properties, specifically, will further this demonstration of responsible forest management by moving toward a goal of forest certification by the Forest Stewardship Council. These properties will be certified under FSC’s Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests (SLIMF) program, through which certification is granted to a group of small woodlot owners participating in a membership pool that shares the annual audit costs and therefore makes FSC certification a viable and affordable option for small landowners.

The Gairloch properties are made up of a combination of four individual adjacent properties, PID numbers 326405, 326413, 326694, and 492736. In their entirety, they encompass 170.33 hectares (420.9 acres) and 70 different forest stands. The GPS coordinates of a point falling into the central region of the properties are 46.0346, -62.8107 (NAD 83).

Streams and Waterways
Although Figure 1 shows a network of streams throughout the property, several of them are ephemeral, running only seasonally. However, like the permanent stream present on the western side of the property (running north and northeast), they will be managed as special management zones as they do have defined channels.

Watershed Information
The properties lie within the Flat River North watershed of eastern PEI and the management activities of Southeast Environmental Association, a local environmental and watershed non-profit group. The watershed encompasses 2,249 hectares of land, 1,760 (78%) of which are forested (Figure 2). The forested area consists of 771 hectares of hardwood forest, 159 hectares of softwood forest, and 433 hectares of mixed wood land.

Road Access and Boundary Lines
The Gairloch properties are accessed from an entrance on the south side of the Gairloch road, approximately 500 metres east of the Confederation Trail (Rails to Trails) intersection with the road. This entrance leads to a network of forest roads that run through much of the property and in some instances intersect with a recreational trail present on the land created by Island Trails in 2009. The Confederation cycling and hiking trail runs through the northwest corner of the property. The boundary lines on the property should be established prior to any work being done. When establishing property boundary lines between provincial and private land for forest management activities, landowner agreements are created between the two owners in which each party agrees on the boundary line, up to which forestry activities on either side can take place.

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7:30 pm Owl Prowl
Owl Prowl
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7:30 pm Owl Prowl
Owl Prowl
Apr 27 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Come join the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project in celebrating the wonderful world of owls at one of this year’s Owl Prowls. To meet the growing interest in these fascinating birds, there will be Owl
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Landscaping with Native Plants
May 4 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Want to spend less time cutting grass and more time enjoying the beautiful plants around your home? This workshop introduces a variety of hardy native plants to attract wildlife and beautify your yard.
8:00 am Birds and Breakfast
Birds and Breakfast
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10:00 am Pruning Trees and Shrubs
Pruning Trees and Shrubs
May 18 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Participants will practice pruning on a variety of plants in the nursery, arboretum and woodlands. Please bring along any of your favourite pruning tools. Workshop will include a slide show and demonstration of proper pruning

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