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restore an acre small 2In an effort to improve the health of our forests and create a model for environmental stewardship, Macphail Woods is launching the Restore an Acre initiative. All donations will be used in the restoration of a 220-acre Public Forest on the Selkirk Road (Route #23) in Valley, part of the 2,000 acres we are managing for the provincial government.


Ecological Management Plan


The property is located in Oceanview in Queens County beside two small private lots which leave only a third of the property’s eastern side directly bordering the Garfield Road. This eastern half of the property was once farmed which was then abandoned and left to regenerate into a predominantly white spruce forest. Most of that forest was then clear cut and replanted as pine and spruce plantations. The total plantation area represents 11ha or 37.7% of the property and the remaining spruce forest represents 2.8ha or 9.7% of the property. The remaining 15.4ha or 52.6% was left as forest for partial wood cuts and is definitely the most valuable section on this site.

oceanviewThroughout the property the land is well-drained and can certainly produce high- quality trees. There are many sizable, high-value trees in many of the stands, including eastern hemlock, red spruce, sugar maple, American beech, yellow birch, white birch, and trembling aspen. An old forest road runs almost the entire property length from east to west and is starting to overgrow beyond the plantations.




Special notes:

Many species of birds were seen and heard on the property with 2 ground nests found. Signs of red squirrel, snowshoe hare, and coyote were identified during the survey and a garter snake was seen on the forest road. This strongly indicates that this property supports good wildlife activity.

Many wild flowers species are present on this property.

Much of the original forest has abundant amounts of ground hemlock growing in it. That ground hemlock could be in the future harvested responsibly for market use if worthwhile.

There are several vary large trembling aspen in stand #7 that could be used for wood products.

No garbage piles were discovered on the property.

Click here to read our full Ecological Management Plan.


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