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The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project, with support from the PEI 2014 Fund, the Upton Farm Trust, the City of Charlottetown Community Sustainability Micro-Grant Program and Environment and Climate Change Canada EcoAction Community Fund, has created a new four-hectare Acadian forest.  The planting area borders on a small woodland already protected under the Natural Areas Protection Act.

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Since 2014, Macphail Staff, volunteers, schools and businesses have been planting native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and ferns such as red oak, white ash, witch hazel, wild rose and blue flag iris. Community involvement has helped to not only create a new forest within the City of Charlottetown, but also provided opportunities for environmental education, carbon offsetting, and improving wildlife habitat along the north river.

The Upton Confederation forest will continue to grow in the years to come, eventually covering the whole property. A diversity of plantings, the addition of nest boxes, proper pruning and walking trails will create a diverse and accessible woodland for all Island species.

Beautiful Highbush cranberry in flower in the Upton Confederation Forest.

Beautiful Highbush cranberry in flower in the Upton Confederation Forest.

A tree swallow proudly perched on one of the nest boxes we installed on the Upton Confederation Forest.

A tree swallow proudly perched on one of the nest boxes we installed on the Upton Confederation Forest.

As of 2017, over 1500 trees, shrubs, flowers and ferns have been planted on site using approximately 40 different native species. These are all flora well suited to the conditions of the site as well as the climate of the region as they were grown from local seed stock. The plants chosen for plantings were of varying heights and ages to help develop a mixed-aged forest in the future, creating local seed sources, sizeable trees for wildlife, as well as changing habitat conditions for future plantings. This abandoned farmland had already started growing some trees and shrubs from nearby seed drift which have been pruned, ensuring healthier growth, and wrapped to protect against voles and other rodents. Any invasive species found during the work were removed. We’ve also installed bird boxes which were immediately put to use by local tree swallows which have been seen nesting on site for the last 2 years. Future plantings will help add biodiversity to the site, food sources for wildlife all the while continuing to develop trails to ensure these public woodlands are accessible to all.

How it was before we planted!

Public Planting Days!


Support for this project is also being provided by Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding program.  For more information and a map to the planting site, check out our website, www.macphailwoods.org or call 651-2575.

Species planted in the Upton Farmlands Confederation Forest

Upcoming Events

1:00 pm Fourth Annual Festival of Forests
Fourth Annual Festival of Forests
Sep 15 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Our Fourth Annual Festival of Forests will be a family-friendly event, with children’s activities, guided walks, food and micro-workshops. This will be a great opportunity to explore the wonders of the Acadian Forest.
7:00 pm September Stargazing
September Stargazing
Sep 21 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Learn about the night sky and get to know some constellations. This outing will teach some basics of astronomy and then head out into the dark for naked-eye stargazing
2:00 pm Autumn in the Forest
Autumn in the Forest
Oct 13 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
A walk along the trails of Macphail Woods, looking at both plants and animals. This is a great outing for people of all ages.

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