Native Plants and Watersheds

Native Plants and Watersheds

Prince Edward Island is full, literally chalk full, of streams and ponds, although due to past land practices, we’ve seen a provincial degradation in the quality of our waterways. Fishkills and anoxic events, siltation, loss of habitat and other ecological problems are relatively common across the Province.

There are many groups and individuals across the Island working towards restoring our estuaries, rivers and riparian zones. Restoration plantings, invasive species removal and habitat enhancement can not only improve our waterways but also protect our ground water supplies and fisheries as well as conserving our beautiful ecological heritage.

This booklet, Native Plants and Watersheds, provides useful information for landowners, watershed groups and others, tailored towards restoring riparian zones, enhancing habitat and adding biodiversity.

Publication: Native Plants and Watersheds: A Natural Combination

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