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The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project has a lot of help in finding great pictures of local plants and animals. We have great relationships with many photographers, who donate their time and talents by sending us all kinds of beautiful pictures of rare and common species.

If you are a photographer and would like to help out by sending us some of your wonderful nature photography then please send us an email at or contact us by phone at (902)651-2575.

This page showcases some of the spectacular photos from some of our most prolific contributors!

Photographer Galleries

Lucas MacCormack

lucas pic resizeI am a 14 year old Naturalist and photographer from Stratford, P.E.I.. My interest in nature started a few years ago with birding and I soon became fascinated with all aspects of this complex natural world. Once I got my hands on some decent camera gear I began thinking more about photography rather than just taking quick snapshots of whatever I saw. My photographic interests now range from birds and wildlife, to macro work with plants, insects and other small creatures. I enjoy doing landscapes and portraits as well.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” -Henry David Thoreau

The more I look at the natural world I see how interconnected and dependent we are on it. We all have to work a bit harder to conserve this beautiful planet on which we live.

Visit Lucas’ website to see more of his beautiful photography!



Donna Martin:

donna profile pic

I am a self-made naturalist, conservationist, amateur wildlife photographer and birder. I have a wildlife technician degree from Holland College’s Conservation Technology Program. I have been a resident of  PEI all my life, and just recently have moved to  Gimli, MB to be closer to my family. I miss PEI tremendously. I can be reached at and hope to develop a site for viewing my pictures so anyone can enjoy wildlife in its natural habitats.



Bruno Peripoli:

bruno profile picBruno Peripoli was born in Valdagno, in the foothills of the Dolomite Alps near Verona, in northern Italy in 1955. His family emigrated to Hamilton,Ontario in 1957. He grew up in the North end near Dundurn Park, the railroad tracks and the harbour.

After moving to Toronto to study cinematography in 1974, Bruno moved to PEI in 1977, built a home and raised a family near Cardigan. After many years in the silviculture industry, he started Naturescape Tree Care in 1995, became an ISA certified Arborist, and is still serving residential, commercial and institutional clients.

Bruno’s photographic subjects range from local landscapes to close ups, from portraits to travel and family history. His motivation is to observe and capture the beauty and wonder of people, their work and play and of the natural world.

Contact Bruno at

Visit and


Greg & Sandra Feetham:

Greg feetham

Retired Laboratory Technologists who have always enjoyed birding and photography. We now spend most of our leisure time running the roads and woods of PEI looking for both usual and rare bird visitors to the island. We  also enjoy meeting other birders on the back roads looking for our feather friends and also the many islanders that let us onto their properties to catch a sighting of a bird.


Contact Greg & Sandra at


Beth Hoar – Green Thumb Photography

I am originally from Alberta, where I worked in agricultural research and started taking technical photographs of insects, crop diseases and weeds. This grew into a love of recording nature and I have been taking photographs for a living and for pleasure since the mid 90’s.

I would consider myself a conservationist and am keenly interested in forest restoration, invasive species management and educating our youth about the importance and beauty of the natural world around us… things that I have the opportunity to do through my work, photography and in my personal life.

My photography has evolved over the years into a passion for macro photography. Macro photography gives us a new perspective of what things look like. These are the details of our world that we often overlook on a day to day basis.

Although I will photograph anything that crosses my path, insects have also become a favorite photography subject with endless numbers of the weird and wonderful to photograph… often right outside my back door!

Visit my website at or visit me on Facebook at Green Thumb Photography.
I can be contacted at

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Want to learn more? Look through Beth’s beautiful and educational PDFs on nature photography and macro photography. Also watch our event calendar for Beth’s annual Nature Photography Workshop.

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