Equipment Sales

Equipment sales

Good equipment makes any job easier, whether pruning, digging, sawing or birdwatching. At Macphail Woods, we’ve rigorously tested many brands of pruners, saw and shovels until we’ve found the right tool for the job.

We are happy to be dealers for Big Bear Tools which supply a number of great outdoor items such as pruners, pruning saws, axes, arborist equipment and more.

All profits from our equipment sales help to fund our many non-profit activities from school ground naturalization plantings to public land restoration to environmental education. Keep an eye on this section of the website, as we will be added more equipment such as shovels, hand pruners and more.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing some equipment please contact us:
Phone:(902) 651-2575
Email: [email protected]

Pruning Equipment


At Macphail Woods, we prune a lot of trees and shrubs. The sharper the saw, the cleaner the cut and the faster the wound seal itself against infections and pests. For years we’ve used Silky pruning saws for all of our pruning, from maintaining small plants to pole-pruning mature trees. These saws are sharp, efficient and durable making the job all the easier. While there is a lot of skill and knowledge required to prune well, a dull or poor blade can make honing your technique even more difficult.

Our dealership status with Big Bear Tools lets us pass on these blades to landowners, watershed groups, gardeners and more. If you are interested in pruning, check our events calendar to see when we are free workshops on pruning, take a look at our School of Woodland Ecology courses and of course consider getting your pruner through us. We promise great quality advice and products and all funds go towards supporting the myriad of non-profit activities that Macphail Woods does across PEI.

Here are some of our favourite Silky Pruners:

Folding Saws

  • Accel 160
  • Pocket Boy 170 medium
  • Pocket Boy 130 medium
  • Super Accel 21
  • Ultra Accel 240 Straight
  • Ultra Accel 240 Curved
  • Katana Boy 500
Heavy Duty Saws

  • Zubat 330

Pole Pruners

  • Zubat 1800
  • Zubat 1200
  • Hayate 3-ext


Learn How to Prune!

If you’d like to learn more about pruning and a host of other outdoor activities, check out our events calendar for a full list of the free and paid workshops we offer!

Keep an eye on our School of Woodland Ecology for the many courses we offer on Forest Stewardship, pruning, botany and more!