Areas to be Planted and Appropriate Species


Areas to be Planted and Appropriate Species

  • Wet Areas in Full Sunlight
  • Wet Areas with Partial Shade
  • Dry Areas Receiving Full Sun
  • Dry Areas with Partial Shade
  • Around Homes and Buildings
  • Hedgerows and Windbreaks
  • Shore Plantings


Please note that even within the following fairly narrow categories, such as “Wet Areas in Full Sunlight”, there will always be a range of conditions – some drier spots, areas with lots of competing low vegetation, etc. Know your planting conditions well, and try to plant the correct species. When in doubt, look around for similar conditions and see what plants are doing well there.

Wet Areas in Full Sunlight:

(swamps, floodplains, etc.)

 Wet Areas With Partial Shade:

(wooded streambanks, high areas in swamps and swamps & the upper edges of floodplains)

Dry Areas Receiving Full Sun:

(old fields, upper banks of streams, etc.)


Dry Areas With Partial Shade:

(woodlands needing additional diversity)


Around Homes and Buildings:

(for wildlife enhancement and beautification)


Windbreaks and Hedgerows:

(for controlling wind and erosion, as well as reducing heating costs and increasing privacy)


Shore Plantings:

(generally must tolerate salt spray & wind)

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