Macphail Woods is home to several beautiful trails, all near our main site in Orwell.

Our trails are wind through the forest on both sides of the Macphail Park Road. They give you a chance to see groves of old-growth hemlocks near the stream, and rare native species such as hobblebush on the upper slopes. 

These trails range from easy walking to steep and difficult terrain. These trails are not cleared in the winter. 

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A short and easy loop with an abundance of diversity to explore. Discovering the beauty of wildflowers can be both rewarding and frustrating; there are so many different ones growing in just this area alone. Unlike birds, however, they stay put and with a good field guide are quite easy to identify.

Type: Woodland
Length: 0.5 km
Difficulty: Easy

Across the clay road from the pillars, steps lead into a steep valley bordered by large hemlock, yellow birch, white pine and maples. There are three bridges crossing the stream, as the trail zigzags along its edge.

Type: Woodland/Riparian Zone
Length: 0.8km
Difficulty: Some Steep Sections

From the pond, head up the hill toward your right to the Wood land Trail. Since it travels through different types of forest habitats, the trail is rich in woodland wildlife. Just after the first sign, a wet area on your left is home to many ferns and mosses.

Type: Woodland
Length: 1.5 km
Difficulty: Short Climb then Easy Hiking

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