Public Land Management

Stewarding PEI Provincial Public Land

On December 13, 2005, Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry Jamie Ballem announced that the Province had reached an agreement with the Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island to manage 800 hectares of public forest land (PFL) in southeastern PEI.

Under this agreement, Macphail Woods uses the land to demonstrate sustainable forest management, and to do restorative work. Some of these sites include the trails, so that the public can easily access and enjoy PEI's woodland.  

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Public Forest Properties

The properties themselves are a mixture of forest types, in varying degrees of health. Below you can find the management plans for those properties. These include our current assessment of the forest, our suggestions and planning for its future, as well as plants lists, animal lists, and other vital information about the property.

Restoration forestry can include plantings, cutting, and sustainable harvesting. Patches have been cut on a number of properties, as well as plantings. Macphail Woods also uses restorative practices to extract lumber, fuelwood, and other items all while improving the diversity and vitality of the land. 

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