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Nature Education

Macphail Woods has been involved in nature education for the past 25 years in many forms, through children's summer camps, forestry education and training, workshops and more. With this experience in mind, we have begun developing a model to expand other's knowledge of outdoor education. One of our more recent projects has been creating a guidebook for teachers, including testimonials of lived experience teaching outdoors, exploring our own methods of teaching, and sharing a learning language for ecological inquiry. If you are a parent or teacher and would like additional support with outdoor education through professional development, workshops or an educational visit to our site- we are here to help!


Supporting Teachers: Feild Guide in Nature Education - PDF 

The Importance of Outdoor Education

Nature is a wonderful resource. Not only does it include all that sustains life, it is also our best teacher. Spending time teaching in natural spaces has a wide breadth of positive outcomes for teachers and students alike. Learning how to incorporate outdoor education into our systems is not without challenges; both personal and institutional. Our goal is to equip teachers and students with the skills and confidence they need to feel safe, comfortable and curious in their natural world. 

This project has been made possible with the support of FLPP. 

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