School Visits & Field Trips

School Visits & Field Trips

Since 1992 we have been offering summer nature camps, school visits and field trips to help educate about our incredible Island eco-systems, as well as to get these kids out in the woods. We spend the most of our time educating in the out of doors through bird watching, tracking, making art, playing games, observing insects and getting wet and dirty.

Each outing is an adventure for the children and an incredible educational experience.

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Curriculum-based Activities

Hands-on Science

  • Owl Pellet Dissection
  • Wildflower survey
  • Insect Inspection

Educational Games

  • Crows & Owls
  • Predator & Prey
  • Camouflage
Restoration Plantings

  • Arboretum Additions
  • Biodiversity Restoration
  • Wildlife Enhancement

Guided Hikes

  • Owl Prowl
  • Tracking Trek
  • Ecological Succession Walk

Island Ecology Education

  • Natural History of the Acadian Forest
  • Old Growth Forests
  • Common and Rare Flora and Fauna

Facilities & Equipment

owl pellet

The Nature Centre has already been used by students in our summer program, visiting preschool, public school, college and university students. There is great potential for the building, especially tied in with our extensive nursery, three nature trails, pond, streams, and ongoing forest restoration work. It offers a unique opportunity to all visitors, whether they have come for a full day workshop on mushrooms, an owl prowl or just a look at displays of birds and mammals.

For schools, we now have facilities for short tours and full day visits. Students learn about the importance of protecting our waterways, the value of native forests, identifying Island flora and fauna, and restoring and maintaining a healthy environment.

Nature Trails & Woodlands

Within the woodlot of the Macphail Woods in Orwell, PEI, there is a small area by the Orwell River that contains elements of what once was the Acadian Forest on PEI. You can still see the towering White Pines that Bald eagles currently use for nesting. Yellow birch that rise for meters tower over the stream. Eastern hemlocks along the south slope of the stream are over 2 meters around in circumference. Owls can be seen perching and butterfly caughtFlying squirrels are found here.

Through the forestry project, we have carried out plantings at over a dozen Island schools and can offer help with the planning and planting of native species. We also encourage schools to set up their own nurseries and can provide both seeds and expertise with these initiatives.

The combination of indoor displays and teaching space and the nearby trails and woodlands that facilitates hands on teaching and environmental restoration is truly unique. Our goal is to create an affordable building that can sustained as part of our ecological forestry project.

Fun for all ages

For other visitors, we offer site tours and workshops on a variety of topics – from tree pruning to mushroom identification. We also are developing a library with both books and magazines related to natural history, ecological forestry, sustainable agriculture and watershed restoration.