Looking to spruce up your yard? Own a woodlot that needs more diversity? Want to create a hedgerow or windbreak to protect your property? Want to slow erosion along your shore while creating more wildlife habitat?

Macphail Woods has over 25 years of native plant landscaping experience in every kind of Island habitat, from urban yards to secluded woodlots. We offer a variety of species and sizes and can help select a mixture of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and ferns that will thrive, enhance biodiversity, add food sources, create privacy and much more.

Native Plant Nursery

Thursdays through Saturdays
April 29th – June 5th
8am – 4pm
(902) 651-2575
269 Macphail Park Rd. Orwell, PE

We are always happy to talk about plants!

2021 Nursery Catalogue

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A mixture of species is beautiful but also has numerous ecological benifits
A mixture of species is beautiful but also has numerous ecological benifits

Planning your Planting


At Macphail’s we want to help you fall in love with the plants, animals and ecosystems that have thrived here for over 10,000 years. We love to help plan your landscaping to work for you while increasing biodiversity, developing native seed sources, creating wildlife habitat, establishing food sources for pollinators and much more.

With over 25 years of experience we know how to select the right species for the right habitats to restore woodlots, create beautiful backyard gardens, develop windbreaks or even create diverse forests.

Planting and Pruning Done Right


We love the plants we grow. All of our plants are grown from native cuttings, seeds or transplants collected by our knowledgeable staff and generous volunteers.

We care that these plants thrive and will ensure that we plant every species with the utmost care and expertise. Whether ferns in a backyard or trees along a river, we know how to ensure healthy roots and trunks and how to prune for beauty and vigour. We can help maintain and prune your property for years to come.

Planting for the Future


We see every planting as an opportunity for us and others to learn more about our Island ecosystems. Every year we offer free workshops and paid courses on ecology, native species, and much more.

We also work with many schools, watersheds and community groups across PEI developing and restoring nature areas. Many of our landscaping projects become community efforts giving hands-on experience in planning and planting to Islanders of all ages. Contact us if you’d like to see how we can work with your community, group, club, or school.

Past Work

We have worked with the City of Charlottetown and the Town of Stratford on many park restorations, as well as dozens of schools, private landowners and community groups. We also manage over 2000 acres of public lands for the Provincial Government. We continue to bring nature right up to your door.  The proper mix of well-placed native plants, will give you years of enjoyment.