Schoolground Naturalization

School Ground Naturalization

Most Prince Edward Island schools are situated on old fields - large brick buildings in the midst of grass lawns. At many such schools, teachers and students have recognized that planting native species can help make their school yards more interesting and attractive. ​

School yard plantings can become an extension of the classroom, creating a focal point for teaching a variety of subjects. They provide a number of ecological and economic benefits such as reduced heating/cooling costs at your school, pollinator gardens and improved wildlife habitat.​

We are trying to help as many students and teachers have the opportunity to green their schoolgrounds; creating seed sources, habitat, pollinator garden, outdoor learning areas, shade trees and more! 

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We have worked with a variety of schools on Prince Edward Island, including: 

  • Queen Charlotte Intermediate
  • Belfast Consolidated
  • Ecole Francois-Buote
  • West Royalty Elementary
  • Prince Street Elementary
  • Cardigan Consolidated
  • Eliot River School

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