Summer Camps

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woodland shoes homepageSince 1992 we have been offering summer camps for youth aged 6 to 16. These exciting educational nature camps offer a week of fox walking, frog whispering, making art, playing games, observing insects and getting wet and dirty.

Camp director, Eric Edward has led the camps for over 18 years and has developed a unique approach to nature education. Using an intuitive and practical approach to describing native flora and fauna, children of all ages can become birdwatchers, botanists and trackers.

Every camp is an adventure for the children but also an incredible educational experience.


Eric will be assisted by, environmental educator, Daniel McRae, one summer student and student volunteers. We work hard to give campers an exciting but safe week. Small camp sizes and a high teacher to camper ratio as well as years of experience are important factors in accomplishing this goal. Camp leaders are trained in first aid.

Sharing a Love of Nature Camps 2021

Nature Discovery

Using all your senses
to explore the natural world

Each Session: $200

Nature Discovery: Session One

Ages: 6-8
Week: July 12th-16th

Nature Discovery: Session Two

Ages: 6-8
Week: August 9th-13th

Becoming a Naturalist

Learning through games, crafts, and exploration

Each Session: $200

Becoming a Naturalist: Session One

Ages: 8-10
Week: July 19th-23th

Becoming a Naturalist: Session Two

Ages: 8-10
Week: August 16th-20th

Young Ecologists

Developing hands-on skills
for positive environmental action

Each Session: $200

Young Ecologists: Session One

Ages: 10-12
Week: July 5th-9th

Young Ecologists: Session Two

Ages: 10-12
Week: August 2nd-6th

Bushcraft Ecology

Survival skills for outdoor excursions

Each Session: $250

Bushcraft Ecology: Session One

Ages: 12-14
Week: July 26th-30st
(Includes Thursday Overnight Excursion)

Bushcraft Ecology: Session Two

Ages: 14-16
Week: August 23th-27th
(Includes Thursday Overnight Excursion)


Registration is processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrations will be accepted until each session is full, at which time a waiting list will be available.

Camps run Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, regardless of the weather.

If you have any questions about our summer camps or registering your child, please contact Daniel Mcrae by email: or by phone: (902)651-2575


Summer Kids Camps

Childrens' Art

Bushcraft Camps

A day in the life of camp

Part two: Beaks, Feet and Feathers – a.k.a. Bird Day

owl-pelletWhile the sun begins to bake off the morning dew, campers gather on blankets under the big maple for announcements and a review of the previous day’s lessons. To wake up minds and bodies, we kick the day off with a quick and exciting game of Owls and Crows. Then we head inside our nature center for a very interactive slideshow introducing bird id, ecology and behavior. The goal is to link a bird’s unique adaptation – beaks, feet and feathers, to its particular habitat and ecological role. The slideshow ends with a game puzzling the campers to describe a bird, its habitat and what role it might have within its ecosystem.

After a short snack, with binoculars around their necks, the campers head off for a bird watching hike. Along the way, we play the camouflage game, practice our fox walk, stop to snack on some woodland sorrel and discover the wonder of seeing songbirds and raptors up close. After a visit to our resident Bald eagle and its nest, we head back towards the nature centre.

building-bird-nestsFollowing the hike, we picnic on the lawn under the huge maple tree. Fed and rested the campers are invited to describe and compare a variety of bird nests that we have in our collection. After further discussion, and a quick visit to a nearby vireo nest to witness egg incubation in action, campers are challenged to create their own nest. A few ambitious campers tear off to the woods to gather branches for an eagle’s nest, while others gather fine grass and moss to weave a delicate cradle and then there are always those campers who work exclusively in mud. As they work with their two hands to create a nest the skill and natural engineering employed by birds begins to impress the campers. Nests finished, we play the migration game.

To finish the day we work on an art project called – design a bird. Using a selection of prepared bird bodies, beaks, wings and feet the children create their own unique bird species – a well-educated Yale bird or the mysterious Alley bird. With smiles on faces and crafted nests and birds in hands, we wait for parents outside while playing a camp favourite version of tag called tails!

Financial Assistance

We also offer financial assistance to those kids who would like to come but may not be able to afford registration. Please contact us to find out more: (902)651-2575 or

What to Bring

  • Each session runs Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 3:00pm, rain or shine.
  • All campers need to bring a substantial lunch and snack to camp daily. Please use reusable containers.
  • Campers should dress for the weather and plan to be outdoors for most of the day. Please pack a change of clothes daily as well as a bathing suit!
  • All campers must wear closed-toed shoes to camp. Sandals may be packed as back up but are not acceptable for all camp activities.
  • Every camper needs a reusable water bottle, sunscreen and a hat, bug hat or bug spray and . Please remember to label everything.


We use our very own Nature Centre, located on the Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead property, as a home base for all of our outdoor activities. Located just 20 minutes east of Charlottetown, the Macphail Woods Nature Centre has a variety of teaching spaces and is surrounded by 140 acres of forest and field. Winding through the property are four trails, a stream and one of the province’s finest remaining examples of our native Acadian forest.

Click here to find us on google maps!

Cancellations and Refunds

All campers are to be prepaid. However, refunds are accepted up until 2 weeks before the camp date. You will receive a full refund up until a month before the class date. Half the class cost will be refunded if you cancel between a month and 2 week before the class. If you would like to cancel within two weeks of the class no refund will be issued.


All registrations are made online through Active Network’s Camp and Class manager. If you have any difficulties or would prefer to register with us directly, please contact us at or by phone: (902)651-2575.