School of Woodland Ecology

Easily accessible ecological knowledge.

Over the last 30 years, Macphail Woods has offered a huge variety of workshops focused on ecological concepts, woodlot management and building forestry skills.

We are dedicated to ensuring a safe learning environment for all participants and believe that sharing a love of nature begins with the care and respect of each individual.  The more that we understand nature the more we can appreciate it, and the more sound our restorative actions. 



Daniel McRae

(902) 651-2575

Our teaching method is based on direct experience, observation, and hands-on learning. Students are taught to recognize keystone patterns whether in a flower or a forest. This time-tested approach works for students of every age and level of understanding.

Our instructors have spent thousands of hours honing their teaching and skills and look forward to sharing their enthusiasm with you.

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What to Bring
Participants should bring a lunch, snacks and clothes suited to the weather as courses are primarily outdoors. We do have bathrooms on-site, a small kitchenette for coffee/tea, and a microwave. Although we provide various equipment for each course, bringing tools is always welcome and encouraged.‚Äč

Cancellations and Refunds
Participants are to be prepaid. However, refunds are accepted up until 2 weeks before the course date. You will receive a full refund up until a month before the course date. Half the course cost will be refunded if you cancel between a month and 2 weeks before the course. If you would like to cancel within two weeks of the course no refund will be issued.

All registrations are made online through Active Network’s Camp and Class Manager. If you have any difficulties, please contact us by email at or by phone: (902) 651-2575.

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